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If you keep them in a full coat they require daily brushing.

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The Goldendoodle comes in a couple different colors, with the two primary being a sandy color and black.

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If the new price is higher, the purchaser shall pay the difference; or b SELLER will reimburse the purchaser for his/her veterinarian expenses incurred in connection with the treatment of the defect up to the price of the puppy, not including shipping costs. More…

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A short or thick neck is a fault. Head Sculptured, Broad, well defined eyebrows, medium stop, eyes set well apart. Fore face shorter than skull. The head should be clean and chiseled, and fully coated as on the body, legs and tail. A long, narrow or blockhead is a fault. Ears Set moderately flat against head and should be level with eye.

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The Goldendoodle is generally a very friendly and people oriented breed, much like both of its parents.

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